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We are available 24/7.

Design YouR Dream Home

Bison Homes is a certified company specialized in building exceptional luxury homes in and around Toronto, Canada.

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Your dream home’s first step is the designing phase. Our custom home building team helps you in designing a luxurious home that matches your dreams.

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We build every project with tested materials. We have the team of seasoned craftsmen who love to construct custom designs with focus and extreme dedication.

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We are highly pleased to help you in the maintenance of your dream home. Our highly qualified team will always be there for you any type of maintenance projects.

What Is A Custom Home?

A custom home is a home that is built according to client’s choice of locality, space and budget. A custom home can be built and modified from the conventional houses of the area according to your choice. A client has liberty to choose from nails to tiles for his own home. If you are demented about your choices, our Toronto custom home builders and expert team are here to help guide you through the way.

Characteristics of a good custom home builder

There are plenty of construction companies in Toronto that claim to be the best but, you have to choose wisely.  There are few things that you should keep in mind before making the big decision.

  • Liberty of Choices

Your home builder should apprehend your vision of your dream home. You are not supposed to choose between the options given by builders but the freedom to elaborate the opinion.

  • Simple Processes

In Toronto custom home builders have increased in the recent years. But the processes they offer are complicated and try your patience. A custom home builder should make the process hastle free for its clients. Ease of process is the key.

  • Quality Delivered

A custom home builder ensures the quality is delivered to the client at the agreed upon time span. Construction companies in Toronto should not only give importance to the deliverable product but the whole process of home building should express quality and craftsmanship.


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Bison Homes is a certified company specialized in building exceptional luxury homes in and around Toronto, Canada. We work as a team having 20 years of experience in custom designing, building and renovations. Our custom home designs are carefully crafted according to the unique vision of our clients. At Bison Homes, each feature of your dream home is considered carefully and designed according to your desires.

We ensure transparency and quality throughout your home building project. You will find us focused even in the smallest detail of your home build. There is a lot of work goes on in the construction of a luxury home, but our proficient team will make it efficient and fun loving process throughout your building project.

At Bison Homes, we are keen to use the advanced construction technologies and building practices to ensure that you can get the benefits of a superior home while working with us. Our team works tirelessly to get outstanding subcontractors, suppliers, and artists for building each custom home with high skills, quality materials, and craftsmanship.



At Bison Homes, design phase starts with the creativity and dreams. Detail discussion is carried out between our clients and designers to debate over various ideas and concepts.

Our custom home building team will help you in designing a luxurious home that matches your dreams. Our home design experts will change your dream into reality. 

    We will go deep into the more specialized conversation like integrity, aesthetics, and functionality to get the best understanding of your visualized luxurious home.

    We work with the highly skilled Architects, Engineers, and Planners to make a team needed for your successful home building project. We will recommend you architects according to your preferred style and vision.

    We integrate durability and livability in the design process to make your home project of a high standard.

    Challenges for construction companies in Toronto

    Construction companies in Toronto are facing few challenges like

    • Around 0.25 million construction workers are planning to retire in coming years so the most highlighted challenge is attraction and retention of new workforce.
    • The productivity in construction is cyclic the rise or fall in one product e.g; raw material impacts the cost of building.
    • Uneven geographical distribution makes it difficult to look up for favorable land to build.


    Opportunities for construction companies in Toronto

    Although there are some challenges for Toronto home builders some of the opportunities cannot be denied as well.

    • Economic growth in Toronto has attracted people with diverse backgrounds to settle in the city thus adding more workforce.
    • Government policies and legislations are favorable for custom home builders in Toronto.
    • Urbanization has improved the cost of living thus making things commendatory for construction builders.
    • Technological breakthrough has improved the working and simplified the processes

    We Will Find You The Perfect Place

    Our aim is to develop design by your vision and build with qualified partners. We have made an alliance with the best Architects and Designers of Canada. We are extremely capable of offering you design plans within our portfolio, customize existing plans and even creating a new one from scratch.

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    We Work With Your Budget

    We construct your home according to your budget. Before starting the project, our financial experts will sit with you to discuss budget and the feasibility report.

    Call Us & Let Us Do the Rest

    Contact us to let us convert your dream into reality. You can make us a call anytime from anywhere around Canada. Our staff will deal you with high passion. You can also visit our office for face to face sharing of ideas.

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    Bison Homes has hands-on experience in the Toronto, Canada construction and building industry. During this time, we have faced various obstacles and always succeeded to overcome and deliver the best building practices.

    Throughout our journey, we have maintained long-lasting relationships with reliable sub-trades and exceptional work history.

    We are always keen to generate the best experience for our clients through our techniques, approaches, and experience. Bison homes work with you as a team in building your dream home. We not only design and build your home but take it as a work of art.

    Our proven track record working side by side with trusted contractors will ensure that all aspects of your dream home are completed to the highest possible standards.

    We are always welcome you for any concerns and queries throughout the entire building process. We are pleased to pass knowledge to each homeowner we work with.

    Responsibilities of residential builders

    A Custom home builder performs project management of the entire home building process. They supervise, coordinate and execute the procedure with endurance. It should be kept in mind that with every brick placed on the wall you are making repute for your organization. The home builder should be performing  duties such as

    • Supervise the workers and laborers
    • Create coordination between different sets of tasks and workers
    • Preparing schedules and updating the work processes of the home building
    • Assisting and further assessing the process for any pitfall during construction process

    Anyone who intends to work as a home builder in Toronto should be aware of the challenges and opportunities in the city. The home builders in Toronto need to be vigilant of the changes in market and policies of government. They should be able to think beyond construction as well.


    “Bison Homes is the best thing that has come to our family. Not only they delivered and exceeded expectations but also we learned dedication, commitment and kindness added to our family. They build us a home and they are part of it.”

    Arqile Karanxha



    Bison Homes is a certified company of designing and building custom homes. We are highly skilled to develop your ideas that exceed your expectations.

    High Quality

    We maintain the highest level of workmanship in our each home project. We believe in making your house a dream home which is an exact copy of your vision by using advanced technologies and standardized building practices and procedures.


    Effective Communication

    Your satisfaction is our basic goal. We maintain timely and effective communication with you during the entire home project. Our team will keep you informed about all phases of the building process so to provide you ultimate contentment.


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    Bison Homes is a certified company of designing and building custom homes. We have a skilled team that you can trust. We have built strong relationships with highly qualified contractors to deliver you a luxurious home of high quality.


    Our fully dedicated team is on stand to work with you to accomplish this mission in building your luxurious home. After all, it’s not just your House but your Dream Home.  


    Bison Homes
    Shakeel Ahmad, President

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    We are a Tarion Certified Builder.


    Bison Homes is a team of exceptional designers, project managers and support panel who work tirelessly in your entire designing and building process of your dream home.

    We create a detailed cost analysis and feasibility study at the start of a building project to ensure transparency.


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