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Client Visits

Client visits in Toronto is the key service that we offer. We make it possible to visit the real-time construction of your home project.

Client Visits

Our design officers brief our clients of how the theory of civil engineering we put into practice.  Our typical client visits in Toronto includes a brief presentation by the site team and a tour to your home project. This allows you to experience the real-time construction process and explore technicality of your construction project. You will be able to get information about the progress of your project.  You will be able to learn about project management practices and standards that we follow in constructing your dream homes.


What is the purpose of Client Visits in Toronto?

  • You will be able to get subjective as well as objective information of your project
  • You will be able to receive the personal response of the people involved in the construction process
  • You can check the quality and standards followed by the workers
  • You can verify if your project is going according to the set budget
  • You can verify if work activities are according to the defined timeline


Read about our process of construction scheduling and project budgeting to get information about how we make budget and schedule your project.

What you can review during your Site Visit?


•    Financial Assessment

You will be able to review the financial status of your project. Our project manager will brief you how much financial resources have been utilized and how much will be used while having client visits in Toronto.


•    Facility Assessment

Client visits in Toronto will brief about the physical layout and space. You get the chance to check if equipment and supplies are getting done according to your requirements. By your visit, you will be able to explore if the facilities are achieving your dream home mission or not.


•    The company as a whole

Real-time site visits will help you in getting the company’s insight.  You will get the chance to communicate with the workers and seek information about the process. The project manager will be available there for dealing your all queries and concerns.


How Client Visits in Toronto be helpful for both stakeholders?

You can take family members or any other concerned party to the site during client visits in Toronto.  Deep valuable construction insight will be given to you by our team members. Your construction site will be busy and a kind of dynamic place but you will learn a lot from observing what is going on.

Client visits in Toronto is a way of building a strong relationship and effective communication channel with clients. The client feels himself involved in the process and does not panic if some work activities get some more time than the estimated.

We organize our every site visit properly. We ensure that our client remains safe during his visit. Some visits require no safety measures but some needs. In this case, we equipped our clients appropriately and guide them safety measures. We also have welfare facilities and suitable first aid in case of an unusual event. So client visits in Toronto is a bit uncommon service that we offer to our clients. This helps in getting clarity in the construction process.


Our fully dedicated team is on stand to work with you to accomplish this mission in building your luxurious home. After all, it’s not just your House but your Dream Home.  


Bison Homes
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Bison Homes is a team of exceptional designers, project managers and support panel who work tirelessly in your entire designing and building process of your dream home.

We create a detailed cost analysis and feasibility study at the start of a building project to ensure transparency.


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