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We have many years of experience in home buildings with the aim of designing your dream homes. Our success is based on the quality and experience of our clients.

Custom Homes

We have many years of experience in home buildings with the aim of designing your dream homes. Our success is based on the quality and experience of our clients. Our custom home designs are carefully crafted according to the unique vision of our clients. We have a team of skilled workers who are able to design and build custom homes in Toronto that exactly matches your dream home.

What are the factors that decide the time period of your custom home?

Three factors decide the timeline of custom homes in Toronto and these are:

  • What is the size of your custom home?
  • Is your home features are well elaborated?
  • Is your custom home is well planned before getting into the building phase?

Our team of professional clarifies above these questions before getting the construction phase of your custom homes in Toronto. After these questions, the feasibility study and cost analysis is performed by the professionals. On approval, the building phase is started. Generally small sized custom homes are tried to finish in six months while large-sized may take a year to complete.

Efficient Site Management is the key to deliver the project within time and budget

Once the design phase and approval phase is finished, your custom home construction phase is started. The success of a construction phase is highly dependent on site management with a perfect balance between speed and quality. Our skilled and experienced site manager goal is to keep the work going and maintain quality at the same time. Quality is more preferred than speed while constructing custom homes in Toronto because we know the fact that in the end, no one remembers a house that ran over schedule by days if the quality is top notch.

Our site manager helps:

  • To keep the constant flow of production
  • To maintain faster work without expensive rework as a result of technical errors
  • Remove the chances of poor trade performance


Which benefits of Custom Homes in Toronto are waiting for you?

Production homes are multiple homes that are based on limited designs and home plans. You can buy a production home by simply choosing from the menu options. On the other hand, custom homes in Toronto are built exactly according to your expectations and desires. Our goal is to create a unique home for you in collaboration with designers, architects, and various trades.

Become the Master of your own Custom Homes in Toronto

Our collaboration will make you’re the master of your own creation. You are able to create your living space according to your preferences and style with complete freedom and flexibility.

At bison homes, we give you access at every step of your custom home planning and construction stage. We will build your home where you would not have to deal with dusty subdivision roads.

Either you want to build the existing subdivision, tearing down the old house, or want to build or rebuild your dream home into reality; our team will always welcome you with high passion and enthusiasm.

Reach us and try us to set the perfect stage for you and your loved ones.


Our fully dedicated team is on stand to work with you to accomplish this mission in building your luxurious home. After all, it’s not just your House but your Dream Home.  


Bison Homes
Shakeel Ahmad, President

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We are a Tarion Certified Builder.


Bison Homes is a team of exceptional designers, project managers and support panel who work tirelessly in your entire designing and building process of your dream home.

We create a detailed cost analysis and feasibility study at the start of a building project to ensure transparency.


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