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Home Additions

Our home additions in Toronto is the best solution when you start feeling that your home need to be grown, it needs the addition of space and some functions.

Home Additions

We will provide the perfect solution for making your home a brand new house meeting all your desires and expectations. The possibility of your home extension is always endless. Add-ons in your home will increase comfort, luxury according to the desires. Home additions in Toronto will add more value to your home.


What does the planning phase of home additions in Toronto include?

Our planning phase is not just limited to design plans and then start the renovation. Our team considers a lot of things in the planning phase. Some are:

  • Do your home additions in Toronto need permission from the city?
  • What are the rules and regulations of the municipality?
  • Approval of design plans by competent architects
  • Search and finalize for home additions contractors
  • Make a project timeline
  • Set budget
  • Approve it from the clients

The planning phase is the most important phase of your home additions in Toronto. After this phase, the construction phase starts according to the set plan and is finished within time and budget.


Mistakes to avoid while having Home Additions

As said earlier, the planning phase is most crucial when it comes to your home additions in Toronto. Hence proper time is needed to get it done rightly. Also, there could be substantial mistakes that can occur during the home additions process. Five main mistakes the needs to be avoided are:

  1. Misunderstanding the cost of home additions
  2. Not taking enough time for visualizing your project
  3. Avoiding rules and regulations of your city
  4. Not taking the help of professionals and try to take on the project alone
  5. Not consulting technologist, architect or exterior designer for ensuring the trendy, stylish home additions in Toronto


What are our most popular kinds of home additions in Toronto?

•    Conventional Home additions

It is a multi-room extension to your home. It can be lateral extension or extension to the backyard of your home. Convention home additions can be based on piles or on the foundation. It totally depends on your budget and desire. We are always welcome to fulfill your renovation requirements.

•    Bump Out

On a generic way, Bump out addition is simply adds some square footage to increase the space in your existing home. Whether you want a little bigger kitchen or want to enlarge your living room, we will give you remarkable results.

•    Sunroom

Your home additions in Toronto can be sunroom additions. We are capable of building 3 or 4 season sunroom, a solarium, and screened porch.

•    Second Story

No matter what the reason behind adding the second story, we look deep into the estimated cost for assessing the feasibility of your project.

•    Garage

Do you want a beautiful garage for your home where you can do some woodwork or can store your family outdoor sets of activities? We are here for you to make execute your garage plan.

•    Converting Attics

If your space is unused then convert the attics into extra living space is a brilliant option. We have a team of professionals to execute the ideas in an effective way.

•    Home lifting

If your home is missing a basement then we are able to build in a trendy way for you.

Have a look on services renovations on large scale and assistance on small projects if you are interested in renovating your home with creative ideas.


Our fully dedicated team is on stand to work with you to accomplish this mission in building your luxurious home. After all, it’s not just your House but your Dream Home.  


Bison Homes
Shakeel Ahmad, President

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We are a Tarion Certified Builder.


Bison Homes is a team of exceptional designers, project managers and support panel who work tirelessly in your entire designing and building process of your dream home.

We create a detailed cost analysis and feasibility study at the start of a building project to ensure transparency.


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